Is Cat Acne Really Dangerous? – Feline Acne Causes And Treatments

Is Cat Acne Really Dangerous?
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Many cats, both domestic as well as competition cats have this skin problem around their chin and mouths. Veterinarians call it as “cat acne.” In all possibility, your vet will do all the regular test and eliminate other problems including ticks, fleas, and fungal issues.

In most cases, cat lovers will be forced to adopt a different routine. It’s a problem that has no permanent solution.

If left untreated, your cat’s skin problem can get worse, and lead to itchy and inflamed blackheads.

What is the Main Causes for Cat Acne?

How Do You Treat Feline Acne?

  • Soft washing of the affected portion with cleansers, chlorhexidine, benzoyl peroxide, and a bar of mild soap.
  • Do not use regular human acne treatments. This can cause several severe health problems.
  • Clean your cat’s food bowl on a daily basis. If you are using a plastic bowl, switch over to stainless steel and glass. Plastic tends to increase this acne-causing issue.
  • If your cat is not happy, watch her closely. This can cause bacteria to transfer from her bowl to her chin.
  • If your remedies do not work, it’s time to contact your local vet. The vet can suggest steroid injections and can prescribe medicine.
  • A prescription – based pet shampoo can reduce the intensity of this problem.
  • Cat acne is not a serious disease that warrants euthanasia in the long run.

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