Husky Feeding Guide – Best Dog Food For Husky Dogs

Husky Feeding Guide
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Have you been searching for some of the best dog food for Husky dogs?

From winning the Iditarod Trail to scorching the silver screens in the movie “Balto”, these dogs have been winning the hearts of family members all around the world.

Siberian Huskies are popular for their unique escapist habits. Being a very special active dog breed, these breeds have specific dietary needs.

To make your job easy, we have researched and presented some of the best dog food for Siberian Husky dogs.

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What Diet Should A Siberian Husky Follow?

Siberian Huskies are working dogs. The best diets are the one that gives them powerful teeth and bones. It will be very difficult for a Siberian Husky to lose that extra weight.

These dogs are agile and need high-quality foods rich in calories. Siberian Huskies eat small quantities for their size and they also need foods rich in protein.

An adult Siberian Husky requires nothing less than 1100 calories on a daily basis. Senior Siberian Huskies may need 1000 calories. An active Siberian Husky may need at least 1800 calories.

What Nutrients Should You Feed A Siberian Husky?

A healthy Siberian Husky should have a diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, and meat. You should select an ideal dog food that consists of several of these benefits

Calcium to Phosphorus ratio

An ideal Siberian Husky puppy food should contain 1.2 segments calcium to 1 segment phosphorus. Calcium deficiency in dogs can cause orthopedic issues such as painful bone spurs.

Gluten and lactose-free

Avoid foods that are rich in wheat, whey, skim milk powder, and milk.

Calorie based foods

Feed them with calorie-packed foods that provide them with all the calories and nutrients.


DHA is an important Omega-3 fat which promotes eye and brain development in Siberian Huskies.

Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3s helps the Siberian Husky to maintain a healthy coat and skin.


Try to include flaxseed, canola oil, and chicken fat in their diet for a healthy development.

Plant Protein

The most common protein found in dog foods are a meat protein. Many dog foods include lentils and peas to strengthen the nutrient and protein percentage.

Three or Two Meat Proteins

Siberian Huskies should be fed with lamb, fish, beef, and chicken. Meat Meals are a dense form of meat where the moisture content present in the meat is removed.

Best Dog Food For Huskies And Husky Mix Breeds

To make sure that your Husky or a Husky Mix dog is healthy, you should feed them with foods that contain 8% fat, 22% protein. Take a look at some of the best food brands for Huskies that promise to deliver a wholesome meal to your dog. The owners of husky mix breed dogs like Corgi Husky Mix, Pomsky, Beasky, etc have to follow the dog food guidelines given for the husky dog.

Recommended Dog Foods For Senior Siberian Huskies

As your Husky dog ages, he may become more inactive and might require suitable diet changes. Depending on your dog’s health condition, choose the right kind of dog food.

Feed your Siberian Husky with lots of protein to improve his muscle strength or feed him with weight loss diet. For dog owners who select a weight-loss formula, check whether your dog gets enough nutrients, vitamins, and proteins.

The Honest Kitchen

This product offers human-grade, healthy, and natural ingredients. The Honest Kitchen formula contains no GMO, preservatives, or no by-products.

The Beef recipe provides a low fat and low-calorie food for adult dogs who may suffer from overweight.

Ingredients to watch out for- Apples, eggs, carrots, potatoes, flaxseeds, barley, oats, beef

Content Chart

  • Calories – 441 kcal per cup
  • Fiber – 5.8%
  • Fat – 8.5%
  • Protein – 22%

Ziwi Peak Venison Air-Dried Dog Formula

Ziwi Peak preserves natural ingredients through air drying. Free from soy, corn, grain, growth hormones, and antibiotics, Ziwi Peak consists of green muscles to strengthen the joints of a Husky dog.

High protein percentage aids a senior dog in staying healthy. Ingredients to watch out for- Lecithin (fat), Green-lipped mussel, kidney, heart, tripe, lung, venison liver, venison meat

Content Chart

  • Calories – 267 kcal per cup
  • Fiber – 2 %
  • Fat – 25 %
  • Protein – 45 %

Best Dog Food For Fully-Grown Siberian Husky

Experts recommend feeding your dogs with adult food once they reach 90% of growth.

Wellness Core Grain-Free

This dog formula contains grain-free ingredients, high protein percentage, and other benefits. The inclusion of chondroitin and glucosamine for a healthy joint and omega fats for healthy coat and skin.

Probiotics improve digestion in a big way. The kibble does not contain artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, soy, corn, or wheat gluten. Ingredients to watch out for- Potatoes, peas, chicken meal, turkey meal, and deboned turkey.

Content Chart

  • Calories – 421 kcal per cup
  • Fiber – 4 %
  • Fat – 16 %
  • Protein – 34%

Taste of the Wild

If your Husky dog enjoys fish, then this salmon smoked dog formula would make your dog happy. Packed with nutrients that nourish your dog, this product contains antioxidants from fruits and veggies, probiotics for improved digestion, and omega fats for healthy coat and skin.

Ingredients to watch out for- Canola Oil, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fish meal, salmon

Content Chart

  • Calories – 360 kcal per cup
  • Fiber – 3 %
  • Fat – 15 %
  • Protein – 25%

Best Dog Food For Siberian Husky Puppies

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe

Named “Best dog food for husky dogs,” this Blue Buffalo consists of healthy ingredients that manage eye and brain development, strong teeth and bones, and the immune system.

With no artificial flavors, this dog food supports some of the best top-notch ingredients available. Ingredients to watch out for- Tapioca starch, pea protein, peas, chicken meal, deboned chicken

Content Chart

  • Calories – 412 kcal per cup
  • Fiber – 6 %
  • Fat – 14 %
  • Protein – 35%

Wellness Complete Healthy Puppy

Wellness dog formula aids in meeting your puppy’s overall development. These include an excellent immune system, gums, teeth, healthy eyes, digestive health, sustainable energy, clean coat, and skin.

Ingredients to watch out for- Chicken fat, lentils, chickpeas, peas, chicken the meal, deboned chicken

Content Chart

  • Calories – 490 kcal per cup
  • Fiber – 5.5 %
  • Fat – 18 %
  • Protein – 32%

Siberian Husky Food Recipes

Preparing your own food is one of the best ways to make sure that your Siberian Husky is healthy. Commercial dog foods contain grains, moldy meat, toxic fillers, and preservatives.

These breeds are large working dogs that essentially requires plenty of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and protein.

Prepare on a small basis that yields around two meals worth food for a healthy husky.

  • Saute or boil meat. Try ground meat like giblets, chicken thighs, turkey, or beef. Remove all the bones and cut them into small pieces.
  • Boil frozen or fresh veggies until they become soft. Avoid using onions, soy, and corn. You can include yams, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, and carrots.
  • Add oatmeal or cooked rice to the meat. Mix the vegetables and allow it to cool.
  • You can include one sardine daily. Other alternatives include flaxseed or fish oil capsule.

Probiotics or digestive enzymes are also recommended.

Siberian Husky Feeding Guide

Meal frequency

A Siberian Husky puppy should be given food three times daily. As he gets older, he will stick to two meals a day.

Husky dogs avoid eating food when they are not hungry. Feed a Siberian Husky at least 2 hours before they perform any exercise.

What dog food is best for a Siberian Husky puppy?

A Siberian Husky can eat both commercial and raw food. Feeding your Siberian Husky with raw food such as vegetables, fruits, fish, lamb, and chicken is healthy. Commercial Siberian Husky dog food has a longer life.

What to do if my Siberian Musly refuses to eat?

There are several reasons why a dog avoids eating food. The basic reason could be your dog could be sick or unwell. Some dogs do have the habit of skipping meals once in a while.

As long as the dog is healthy, you should not panic.

Food Items You Should Avoid Feeding Your Siberian Husky

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